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The Best Books to Fix Your Life on Autopilot

The Best tools to help get you on track to turn your craft into your extraordinary future.

  • It is essential to first accept what happened way back when, and now time to DO those things that will propel you forward to the life you say you want.
  • My craft , making beaded flag pins, and my Etsy shop were open when I got the word from my employer that my pay was capped (After five years of service). But there was no plan really to evolve to a business I could make a living at. I needed structure. Reading and listening to other successful people has always helped me along the way. But, applying what I was learning was difficult for me. It was time for me to stop living on autopilot.
  • “We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” Maya Angelou

What is a life on autopilot ?

  • When we live daily making unconscious decisions, automatic decisions that don’t align with how we want to work and live we are mind wandering through our lives. On autopilot.
  • We can train our brain to wander less. Make a conscious decision to start the craft business creating the very things you love to do!
  • We can be aware of what we want every single day.
  • We can practice living in the moment.

Why do we mind wander through our lives?

  • We are creatures of habit. This serves us well most times.
  • We make THOUSANDS of decisions each day. Our brain can’t take on ALL those decisions so it kicks into auto-decision making. This frees up conscious mind for the more taxing decisions. However, auto-decision making wanders into areas that require more thought. When we do not stop and consciously think on that decision, it comes as an emotional cost to you and your happiness.
  • I seemed to have this five year pattern of a life decision. However, the auto-decisions were the same leading me right back where I didn’t want to be. Right now, in this moment in a new apartment living on my own for the first time EVER, I am totally aware in writing this post  I know I have a craft and business that will take me where I say I want to go.
  • Yes! it’s exciting and scary!
  • “Intentionality is the power of the mind to direct itself toward that which it finds meaningful and take action toward that end.” Ryder Carroll

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Best Products to Overcome  A Life on Autopilot

    • I am a reader. Below are a few books I have read that helped me and have encouraged me to make the conscious decision to live the extraordinary life I SAY I want!
    • The first book I have read is The Bullet Journal Method, by Ryder Carroll. The book and journal (I am on my second one but still refer to the first on frequently. It is an amazing process to put pen to paper and plan your everything! The bullet journal I use has lines, it is available with a grid. I firmly believe when you put pen to paper, your brain receives the information in a completely different way than when typing on a computer.
    • I have started with the blank journal but Ryder Carroll has a bullet journal all set up for you.
    • The second book is Stop Doing That S***! by Gary John Bishop. This is a straight forward-in your face but funny at times type of book. It’s easy to read with an urban  philosophy approach. It spoke LOUDLY to me about accepting where I came from, understanding my place with others, and how I view this crazy world. I am on my second read!
    • “Acceptance is the gateway to real change.” Gary John Bishop

    • The next book is Becoming by Michelle Obama. It is a powerful memoir by the former First Lady. Her story is inspiring. It left me with hope. I felt she was talking to me. She has an incredible story of growing up. Her close family, her education, her career, her meeting Barak, her path to the White House, her determination to be the best First Lady, all resonated with me. A great inspirational read.
    • For a more detailed list of books that I have read and found much inspiration click on My Top 8 Books That Make You Go Hmmm.. A free download!!

Common Questions/FAQ About Living on Autopilot

  • Do you dread the day ahead?

    • Some of us wake up and have nothing to look forward to in our daily lives.
    • We have no excitement in our day because we know EXACTLY how our day will go.
  • Is your daily routine predictable?

    • You can tell someone how you are going to spend your day a week from now, a month from now.
  • Why can’t you seem to put your phone down?

    • So you just checked your email, your FaceBook and Instagram right? But there you go again, picking up your phone and checking it again. WHY?

The Last Thing You Need to Know about a Life on AutoPilot.

  • So how do we break out of this mind wandering life we have created? Yes, WE have made choices all along the way that have lead us right smack where we are. BUT you can create a routine each day using your natural talents to create the life you say you want. You are the one and only true source of change. You are what you talk about.
  • What is it that you have always wanted to do but always put it on the back burner?
  • Begin to think (no really) THINK of your everyday actions. Is that thing you are doing going to move you to that thing you say you want? Force yourself to consider something else if that thing isn’t IT.
  • Each and every one of us has a craft or talent to share. What is yours?
  • “Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right.” Henry Ford

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